Coupled or decoupled? Our CEO Lights the Path to Change and Innovation
iGP is coupled with all the necessary tools that a platform should have today to compete in the competitive iGaming market. All functionalities such as key semantic modelling, total telemetry segmentation technology and key channels of communication are integrated.

The strength of iGP is in its ability to be coupled with some impressive key features, and act as one complete solution, but ingeniously it can also be deconstructed and function as an independent stand-alone solution which can be decoupled into separate hubs.

Our features and functionalities can really offer the change that operators want to see, helping them get ahead of the competition. We believe in providing dynamic and personalised player experiences on either desktop or mobile, which sounds like a straightforward concept, but in reality those functions grouped with real time data haven’t been seen before.

We provide solutions which are accessible yet technologically advanced, iGP pulls together information from a powerful total telemetry engine which collects billions of user records from front end user activity to changes in navigation.

Our ExperienceHub, utilises data collected from a central country, all this information is collected then used to make semantic modelling, using different channels of communication to give a total personalised experience to the player.