Introducing iGP
We speak to Domenico Mazzola, Head of Sales. Account Manager, Mateja Pavlin and Dejan Jovic, Game Hub Product Manager at iGP to find out more about the most innovative solution of 2016

So Domenico, what is iGP and what does the company do?

Here at iGP Group we want to create a unique and bespoke experience for our customers. We offer the latest innovative technology within the iGaming industry and have developed a dynamic portfolio with flexible solutions for White Label, Platforms, Single Technology hubs and Game Development, to services such as licensing, distribution and cloud based solutions.

All your must-have features are available, such as Gamification, Mobile Applications, Stacked Bonuses, Semantic Modelling, Notifications and Communication Widgets, which are all provided on our custom made Total Telemetry Engine. We are a group of over 60 iGaming professionals with accumulated experience in the industry and are confident that we offer the smartest solution on the market!

What are your core markets and how are you targeting them?

We have a broad reach internationally and operate across a variety of markets covering areas such as South America, Asia and of course Europe. Our feet haven’t touched the ground this year, we have been networking extensively and ensuring we have a strong presence across all key events. We are incredibly excited about showcasing our products and see tradeshows as a valuable opportunity to build relationships with operators and potential buyers.

We want to provide value, whilst also ensuring that our products deliver the most convenient and effective solution. The technology we offer is ground-breaking whist also being accessible and easy to implement, we are offering new and existing businesses the tools needed to either improve their operation or build a new venture, after all, everyone wants to increase their revenue!

Our focus is on building relationships with new and existing customers, we want them to succeed and be leaders in the iGaming market and by networking extensively in 2017, we aim to give clients the resources to realise their potential.

What is your plan for 2017

We are a hive of activity here at iGP, there has been a real buzz this year and excitement around the projects that we are delivering in 2017. We are also expanding and moving offices, so we will have a new and ultra-modern HQ complete with sea views here in sunny Malta.

We cannot reveal too much at this stage, but are on schedule to exceed our targets, our platform will be completed with new fantastic and exclusive modules. We will continue to integrate all the best game providers available on the market ensuring a competitive product portfolio.

We are especially proud to announce that we will integrate a new Casino Brand, Slotmotion. The guys behind this venture are amazing, providing fantastic slots with stunning animation, and I think they will have a well-established presence in the market for years to come!

So stay tuned for the launch of our new website where all our current exciting news will be updated, we aim to make our clients leaders in their fields so contact us if you want a winning solution!

Dejan, which game providers are already integrated into your Game Hub and what is its strength?

We are so proud to have a portfolio containing more than 3000 games, 300 of which are mobile and an enviable catalogue of jackpot games. We collaborate with all the big players in the iGaming market. NetEnt, Microgaming, GameArt, Ezugi, Evolution and so on. We support Freespins and create tournaments whilst handling any kind of gamification the client wants to apply to their business model. We can provide a turnkey solution with just one integration and the client can choose if they want to integrate it using either a Seamless or Wallet system.

Can you clarify the difference between Wallet and Seamless integration types?

It is really how the communication mode is implemented that creates the difference. Seamless integration is quite literally a real time set up and is updated throughout the game session, offering benefits such as providing the operator with a clear view of all transactions. The wallet integration process is managed in a different way and is influenced externally.

We understand that each business has different needs, the services we offer are client focused and centre on the requirements of each operator. We understand the importance of flexibility and are keen to ensure that our product is a bespoke solution which provides all the necessary tools for our customers to succeed.

Mateja, which clients do you manage?

We manage a broad portfolio of customers from the entrepreneurial start-up businesses who are looking for a convenient solution to realise their dream, to those who have a more established presence in the iGaming market and know exactly what they want to implement. We are always searching for new opportunities and ways that we can help our clients expand, increase revenues and maximise their potential.

How do you help them daily?

We offer support with all requests as well as updating them with important information from game providers, new game releases and new functionalities available on our product suite. We give them one main point of contact for everything so that they don't have to contact each single game provider, ensuring that they can enter the market fully equipped.