The New Kid on the Block
After two years of extensive research, mergers and painstaking prep work, we are ready to showcase what we believe to be the most innovative solution of 2016!

There has been an incredible amount of effort from the teams here in Malta and Croatia to launch iGP, we have been very much under the radar building our profile, perfecting the modules whilst testing the technology behind the hubs to ensure that the final product will exceed client expectations. Extensive groundwork and investment has gone into infrastructure, data has been stripped to its core level, enabling us to pull out key areas and manage this real time. Many hours of hard work have gone into this, we have been working closely with all our partners to be able to maximise each millisecond of speed, which dramatically improves the player experience.

Enormous amounts of coordination from partners, game providers, and different jurisdictions have taken place. Fine details have been tuned, such as the positioning of servers in the right parts of the world, enabling us to feed from Latin America, Europe and Asia, whilst maintaining the correct connection and speed. iGP has focused on core developments for the past two years, heavily investing in marketing whilst finalising the functionality of the product. We wanted to ensure that iGP was completely perfected and at the right price on the market.

This is an incredibly exciting time for us, we are moving to our beautiful new office here in Malta and are also showcasing iGP internationally at tradeshows, so it is the perfect time for us to reach out to potential buyers and share our vision. Please get in touch for more information or drop by the new office to have a chat with our Head of Sales, Domenico Mazzola to find out how we can help you with a winning solution.